Top 3 Cute NFT Video Games In 2023 For Earning Cryptos


The age of blockchain is just getting started, and with it, a new era of video games. These are the top three cute NFT video games you should be playing in 2023 to earn some cryptocurrency even from your mobile. But first, we need to know about what NFTs are.

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which refers to assets that can be traded on blockchains. In its simplest form, the concept of NFTs is the same as most cryptocurrencies. They’re tokens that represent an asset. NFTs also come in different forms. Mostly NFT entered the cryptocurrency world with nft art. In 2014 first NFT art was hyped around the world. This NFT art was a video clip which was created by Kevin McCoy and Anil Dash. The name of that NFT is Quantum and it was sold for $4. Nowadays you will see many artists who design authentic art. You will see some artists who do 3D nft that can be wearable nfts for any virtual world or any video games! Some of them are nft millionaires just by selling their few 3D NFT.

What are NFT games?

NFT games are kind of video games or can be smartphone games that can let you enjoy the best best play to earn crypto games experiences. Cryptocurrency world is decentralized, limited in amount and highly secure that is why their currency value is more than fiat currencies. Just imagine you sold land from your crypto game just for 1 BTC. And the land was minted as NFT to transfer to buyers. Can you imagine how much money you made just from that game? The real life proof is a virtual land nft was sold around $913,228.20 from decentraland game in June 2021. This is more costly than a luxurious house property or land with great views.

You will know about Top 3 nft games that give crypto to mobile gamers. These are top based on newly released, awesome community, cute nfts and based on easy earn crypto daily method.

Referral ID for reward: UB03aa4390

Star: 4.8 out of 5

Downloads: 1M+

Reviews: 117k

IARC rated: 3+

Contain ads: no

Token name: LIS

Wallet And Network: Coming Soon

Platform: mobile or smartphone

If you are a cute dragon lover and love to play cute games then crypto dragon is the best NFTs game for you. You can earn their LIS token daily by finishing a task in game. Game is very simple and super easy to play for anyone. They have a wonderful roadmap that can let you make more crypto daily and can enjoy all day. Just download the game and create an account. Withdraw LIS token by using any crypto wallet when their network will be published.

Referral ID for reward: 294643

Star: 4.9 out of 5

Download: 100K

Reviews: 6k

IARC rated: 7+

Contain ads: no

Token name: Ninneko Token

Wallet And Network: Metamask BNB smart chain Or Trust Wallet

Platform: mobile or smartphone

Full of cute and fluffy cat nfts in Ninneko. If you love cute paws of a cat and you are a cat lover then this game will blow your mind. There are many cute nft in their marketplace. You can buy and use it in games. You can also sell your nft in the market. Anyone can play Ninneko very easily without any effort or skills. Graphics quality is far better. Your cat gang will keep fighting and you will keep getting rewards also xp while you exit the game.

Star: 4.5 out of 5

Download: 1M+

Reviews: 40k

IARC rated: 3+

Contain ads: no

Token name: Matic

Wallet And Network: Polygon Wallet

Platform: mobile or smartphone

It is the best platform for game streamers. If you have a game live streaming channel where you stream cute gameplay then this nft game is the best for playing and streaming. Best gamer girls are streaming this game because of cuteness and they can build a full customization of NFTs with their face by taking a selfie! You can stream your gameplay without your face or with a face including some funny face filters. No skills required, all you just need is a good smartphone or mobile with good internet speed for streaming your face more clearly. Game battles are super funny. This is the first mobile crypto game which has its own polygon blockchain, marketplace, nft making, and upgrading all kinds of systems inside the game. You don't need to face many hassles. This is the new and innovative crypto game that any live gamer played in their life. Completely free to play this crypto game no require to spend anything in case you want everything super fast boosting.

There are many NFT games nowadays. The metaverse is booming with many cryptocurrency games that can pay you in cryptos daily. But all of those are for play to earn crypto games on mobile or smartphone devices and they strongly depend on the blockchain of the crypto world. More exclusive blockchain games are coming which are being built by world top game developing studios and companies. What if the next GTA 6 comes out with BTC blockchain and GTA token. What if you are a gamer and nft artist who is able to inject custom wearable 3D nft skins in your favorite crypto game with no skills required. Because everything is getting more interesting in the crypto gaming world. Many gamers are focusing on streaming since Apex Legends, Dota 2, Warface, fortnite, GTA, Valorant, pubg and freefire came in. 80% gamers revenue income is from live streams rather than offline upload video. Stay with us for more insightful feeds. Let us know in the comment section if you found a better NFT and crypto games list in 2023.

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